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BuenPaso, we love what we do

BuenPaso Travel was formed during Costa Rica’s tourist boom in the 1980s and is proud to have been one of the shapers of how visitors perceive and enjoy the country. The agency is owned and managed today by its founder Cynthia Hernandez Walsh, and operates on the same principle today that it did when it was founded.

BuenPaso has chosen to operate solely in Costa Rica because it is what we know and love the best. We don’t believe in trends or hotspots, but we will always include them in a manner that enhances the whole of a journey or at a customer’s request.


Our trips have a strong personality, authenticity and a bold style. We have learned over the years that our customers are curious travelers who are seeking unexpected and authentic experiences, and who want to live and feel the homegrown fabric of the places where they spend their time. They also want fun and value for their investment.

Explore Costa Rica

To meet these criteria, we have simple and specific needs to craft a journey that will satisfy anticipations and exceed expectations. It is a pretty simple formula. We need to know where you want to go and what activities you would like to try, what you want to feel and learn from the experience and how you want to feel on their way home.  And, maybe most important, is whether there is anything else they want us to know about them in planning the journey. And then we get to work.


We have also learned in the last years that change is a constant in the world of travel. BuenPaso has established a COVID-19 protocol to advise and inform our customers on the latest criteria and status.


We look forward to having the opportunity to craft a BuenPaso Costa Rican journey for you.


BuenPaso Travel

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